Taron Puri presents:

Finding the Guru Within

Manage your Energy, Not Your Stress!

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Question: If Stress Management worked, why are we still stressed?

Learn how to neutralize the negative effects of stress through Energy Management, an innovative and effective strategy which goes to the ‘Core’ of decreasing the impact of stress in our lives.

Too often, we deal with only symptoms and wonder why we do not achieve enduring results. If you allow Stress to get the best of you, then get the best of you back by learning how to work with your own life force to achieve optimum health and wellness at every level of your being.


  • What is Energy and how it works
  • How to negate the effects of Stress through Energy Management tools and techniques
  • What are the 3 types of Management styles and which one is the most effective
  • How to harness the power of your mind to change negative patterns into positive patterns and create a sense of overall wellness


  • Increased levels of personal energy and vitality
  • Effective Handling of Stressful situations
  • Improved clarity, focus and performance
  • Enhanced feelings of personal empowerment