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  • 'Finding the Guru Within' Digital eBook

Part memoir and part inspirational self-help guide, in Finding the Guru Within, Author, Speaker and Mentor Taron Puri, B.A, LL.B., takes us on an inward journey, a 'journey without distance', through which we learn how to become free from suffering. He shares his direct personal experiences, along with invaluable applied knowledge gained from the works of leading authors, to create a compellingaccount of how each of us already have 'within' us, all that we need to live empowered lives.


This book offers practical, easy to relate to and follow guidance about how to live OUR life, not someone else's. It shows the value of connecting with and nurturing our relationship with our Inner Guru, a personal GPS which Taron calls our “Guru Positioning System”! We learn how to access solutions from within rather than mistakenly continue to search for our answers from outside of ourselves. Experience more happiness, vitality, abundance andfulfillment in every part of your life NOW by Finding the Guru Within.


Taron's gift of guidance is life-changing! His ability to identify core dynamics and offer practical, achievable solutions has guided me to where I now liveat a level of peace and harmony previously inconceivable! Going far beyond conventional coaching or therapy, Taron's inside-out approach to life shows us the 'how' of transforming negative experiences into positive opportunities for learning and growth. Donna Engelhardt – Entrepreneur


As both a business owner and as an individual, I've had the privilege of being mentored by Taron for the past 20 years. Unlike conventional mentors and coaches who focus exclusively on improving specific aspects of your life, Taron's “whole life" approach treats you, your work, your relationships, and all aspects of your existence as one continuum. There is no "business me", "spouse me", or "student me" – just “Me”. By dropping these masks and showing up as "me" in all circumstances, I have become empowered to live a truly authentic, aligned, and fulfilled life. Taron's insights will light the way and empower you to a place of great peace, love & gratitude for the Gift of Life! Gaurav Duggal, President |Reach Nexus


Taron is Seer, Listener, Mentor, Spiritual Guide, Speaker, Group Leader, Student, Teacher, and much more! In 'Finding the Guru Within', Taron gingerlybestows upon us a gift that's been there all along – that of our own Inner Wisdom and Knowing. He takes us on a Journey of choosing fullaccountability to ourselves and others, and shows us how through meditation we enter an ego-less state through which we find the fulcrum of knowing that allows us to live our purpose with success and in fulfillment. Terisa Klassen, Communications Consultant | Writer | Editor |“Write with You”.

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'Finding the Guru Within' Digital eBook

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