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Welcome to Finding the Guru Within

A community for individuals just like you who wish to become MASTERS of their own lives!

FTGW is a movement is a movement 'inwards' through which we reclaim our birthright of having complete sovereignty over our being!  True freedom is when we feel we always have a CHOICE regardless of our circumstances.  We attain this freedom by reconnecting with our INNER GPS - our GURU POSITIONING SYSTEM!

All of us are born with this GPS. It comes pre-programmed with ALL the solutions we seek in order to become happy, healthy and fulfilled.  Having all the coordinates needed to guide us, our inner GPS knows our specific soul’s purpose, and will guide and deliver us to the summit of our full potential. 

Imagine living a life in which our Purpose, Passion and Power is fully aligned and activated!

It is totally possible!  Our Inner Guru empowers us with the understanding that real freedom is when we replace Blame with total Accountability.  When we blame, we remain victims and never reach full empowerment. Every time we Blame, we lose - our power, our freedom, our ability to move and grow through life challenges with ease, grace and joy. Life becomes hard!

Accountability frees us from the need to blame.  Instead, our Inner Guru clears the way for us to experience more lasting joy, love, freedom and Peace, in all that we experience.  The good news is that the journey is effortless, because it is “A Journey Without Distance” - for our Inner Guru is closer to us than our own heartbeat.

Why should I join?

In joining the FTGW movement, you are NOT following me or any other external authority; rather, you are taking an inner path which connects you to your Guru Within.  (Insert Covenant)

Whether we call it soul, higher power or our subconscious - know that within each of us resides an Energy which has all the solutions that we so desperately seek outside of ourselves. 

Let us co-create a community, YOUR community, through which we can model the change we wish to see in our world today. 

By joining the FTGW movement, together we commit to:

  1. Taking 100 percent accountability for our life – no exceptions
  2. Loving, a and respecting ourselves and all those whom we encounter
  3. Establishing a meditation practice, in any form which suits us, to establish and deepen the connection with our Inner Guru
  4. Surrendering our will-ego to the Guru Within - trusting that as we choose to let go of our controls, we become fully carried and supported in all that we seek guidance for.
  5. Breathing in gratitude and breathing out love and compassion, harming no one including ourselves, in thought or action.

Finding The Guru Within Community is FREE to JOIN.

Share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and findings related to connecting with your Inner Guru, and all that is to be learned on this the Journey without Distance.