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The Mind of Peace – 3 Strategies for Gaining Peace of Mind

For us to experience more peace in our lives and the world, we must start from within with the mind. The mind is where all conflict begins and is also the place where it gets resolved.

3 things you can choose to do right now in order to be part of the solution for Peace in every arena of your life are: 

1. Take full responsibility and accountability for all that happens in your life, letting go of the need to blame and point fingers. It is through acceptance that you can receive the gift in every situation and move into resolution.

2. Decide that from this day onwards, your purpose here is to acknowledge your unique gifts (we all bring gifts with us), and use them to live life on purpose. Commit to being of service to humanity by being true to yourself and giving of yourself unconditionally and cleanly.  You can do this with your family, friends, in your business and in your community as a whole. Recognize that we have been given life as a gift, including the air that we breathe and even our bodies, and that we honour all of creation when we give back. Imagine a world where all of us were committed to the act of giving - everyone’s needs would be met automatically!  

3. Start and end your day with the simple saying, "Thank you God (or Spirit or Universe), for the gift of another day!"  This allows you to practice acceptance and gratitude together, a powerful combination for staying positive and moving forward, while minimizing negativity and conflict!

The result – a  supportive world where rather than pointing fingers, we give and receive a hand; where along with satisfaction and success in all that we do, we also experience fulfilment because all that we ‘do’ is aligned with our life purpose;  and where our gratitude transforms all our experiences, whether good or bad, into a knowing that there are no accidents in God’s universe, and everything is as it should be, whether or not we understand it!

Over time, feelings of peace and calm, and perhaps even joy can become part of our daily experience as we journey on this brief sojourn called Life!

Positively Yours,