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Visualizing your way to Success!

Visualization is a powerful tool for creating desired results in your life! It is a process which involves seeing from the mind’s eye, the object, situation or experience you wish to have.  On the road to success, recognize that how well you do is as much a function of your thinking, as it is an externally influenced goal.  Here are some insights into how you can effectively visualize your way to success:

1. Redefine Success

Ask yourself what success means/looks like for you. Along with success representing short-term, material gain, recognize that unless we ‘feel’ successful, we may not be satisfied with what we have, or where we are at any given time. This means that we must practice gratitude for our life as it is and acknowledge all that is working for us. Contrast this to never being satisfied or happy, and constantly putting conditions on when you think you are successful. Words like ‘until’, ‘unless’ or ‘ya but’, are clear indicators that you may never ‘feel successful’.  Essentially, by internally gauging markers of success, accomplishments such as reducing a negative behaviour by 10% by a given time, improving your communication with your mate or in the workplace by 25%, or increasing our savings by 10% each year, are all successes as determined by your own standard!  And as you experience more and more such successes, you generate an energy of success which continues to build on itself.

2. Visualize whole heartedly what you desire in the present 

In your mind’s eye, sit back in a quiet, serene environment and actually see yourself having/using/enjoying that which you are asking for.  Make sure you see it as ‘actually taking place in the present’. One principle of positive visualization is that your subconscious understands and creates in the ‘present’, rather than in the future. Therefore, affirming “I Will have….”, does not work as effectively as “I have”. Thus, visualize and affirm that “ I have my ideal partner or job” rather than ‘I will find/have my ideal partner or job.

3. Be aware of negative or sabotaging thoughts   

Recognize that it is the subconscious through which we create and that you can override the objections which your conscious mind will most definitely put up during this process. Thoughts such as  “I don’t deserve so much”, or “If I have this, then someone else will go without”, or “I’m really not as good or talented as others think I am!”, are all ways your conscious mind limits your success-ability! Whenever these appear, observe them and let them be while you continue to affirm through your visualization that which you wish to have in order to feel successful.

4. Practice Healthy Detachment 

While asking the universe for what you want without reservation, know that ultimately, you are given exactly what you need.  The universe is abundant and does not impose limitations or conditions on what you can ask for. However, in its wisdom, just like a wise parent who does not give a child everything they want, it will give you only that which is in alignment with your highest good. Letting go of your asking allows you to keep the faith and stay open when you don’t always get ‘exactly’ what you want. There are many who successfully manifested what they wanted, only to realize ultimately that their success did not always result in fulfillment!  Therefore, by trusting that all is unfolding as it should, you free yourself and your energy from negativity and focusing on failure. Instead, you keep striving for the success you desire while appreciating all that the journey has to offer along the way.

These are but a few insights which have assisted me in asking for what I want yet staying open and appreciative of what I get!  By staying in gratitude, I am able to acknowledge and accept all of my successes and failures as part of life.  In either case, I strive to learn and grow from them and through it all, choose to remain positive!

How about you?

Positively Yours,